Who Should Manage Your Property Investment?

There is no doubt that Australians are well and truly awake to the wonders and returns that investing in the real estate market has to offer.

Whether you are what is affectionately termed as the ‘mum and dad’ investor who is interested in creating a nest egg for retirement, or a seasoned property developer who has taken on this role as a current and ongoing means of income, is not important.

Whether you are a strong believer in negative gearing or positive gearing is nobody’s business but your own. There are many reasons to declare a loss, wherever it comes from. What is important is that you have taken the plunge into the market and are now supplying housing for Australian families everywhere.

The number of property investors entering the market never lessens as each year passes. With the growth of the property investor, so too has a new and specialist field begun to rise.

That specialist field is Property Management. You are now able to select an agent to oversee the renting and management of your investment, who specialises only in property management. This frees up the agencies that specialise in the selling of property to what they are specialists in – selling.

The Winds of Change

As the rental market grew it become obvious that it was necessary to create a set of laws, bylaws, rules and regulations designed to protect the three parties involved in any tenancy agreement.

Those three parties are:

1. The property owner / lessor

2. The tenant / lessee

3. The property

The legislation revolving around any industry is constantly being changed and updated. This industry is no different.

This is why it is essential to employ the skills of a specialist in any given field. To have someone who can keep up with the changes to just this one industry, is a huge asset to any holder of property.

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