We have a range of forms that you may use during your tenancy or to apply for a property below.


Your rent can be made by money order, bank cheque or direct deposit. To pay via direct deposit you will need a reference. Please contact us if you do not have one before making a payment.

Account Name: E Property Rentals Pty Ltd Trust Account

BSB: 124-018

Account Number: 21526947


NO POWER:Check to see if you have a safety switch and that it has not tripped. If it has tripped then reset it as per the manufacturer’s instructions on the switch. If the safety switch trips again, remove all of the appliances with a plug top on them from the power points and ensure all power points are switched off. Reset your safety switch and plug in the appliances one at a time until the safety switch trips again locating the faulty appliance.

If you do not have a safety switch then check with your neighbors to see if they have power, if not then contact your local power authority.

If there are any further problems, please contact your property manager during business hours or after hours call SJK Electrical – 07 3870 9893.

FOR POWER LINES DOWN, contact Energex on 136 262

NO HOT WATER:  If your hot water system seems to be running out of hot water rather quickly check to see if your system needs topping up. Please note some hot water systems do not have this facility. To top up. Locate the filler valve on the side of the hot water unit or the top. Lift the lever until the water flows from the overflow. This should be done approximately every three months.

-If your system is gas. Check to see if the pilot light has gone out. If so then re-light as per the instructions on the hot water unit.

A leaking hot water tap will cause a poor supply of hot water and your electricity or gas bills will be higher than usual.

If there are any further problems, please contact the real estate during business hours or After Hours SJK Electrical – 07 3870 9893


Oven or Cooktop:
Electric: If only some of the hot plates are not working, please contact the real estate to arrange service. If the oven is not heating, check to see if the indicator light is on. If not then the oven may have been switched onto automatic. Please refer to the instruction booklet to reset the oven to manual cooking. The light should then come on and the oven will work. If not then contact the real estate to arrange service.

Gas stoves: Please contact the real estate to arrange a service call or if there are no facilities at all please phone the real estate.

If you have no cooking facilities at all, please contact the real estate during business hours or After Hours SJK Electrical – 07 3870 9893

Washing machines: Please make sure before calling the real estate to arrange a service that the machine is turned on at the power point and the taps are turned on. If the machine has a filter please make sure it is free of lint or obstruction. If the machine is not pumping water, check to see if the drain hose has been kinked accidentally.

Clothes dryers: Most brands of dryers require the filter to be cleaned after each load. If the filter is not cleaned the dryer will take longer to dry the clothes and may trip the over load. Make sure the filter is cleaned after each load.

Some of the newer dryers have a red thermal cut out just inside the door. If the machine is not working make sure this has been reset.

Care and use of your garbage disposal: Grind food waste with only a strong flow of water. Do not use hot water when the disposal is in use. Try not to turn the unit off before all the grinding is completed. Flush the unit with ice cubes and water once a month to keep all the blades clean and fresh. DO NOT use chemicals to clean your garbage disposal.

Please do not put stone fruit, bones, and fibrous materials like corn husks and artichokes down the grind chamber of the unit. Feed the garbage disposal slowly with the Cold water flowing and don’t pack to much food into the unit at one time. Small amounts of citrus and other melon rinds are able to be grinded. Small amounts of fats are also able to be grinded with a strong flow of water.