Property Rental Preparations

If you have decided to rent out your Brisbane area property that you currently live in or have made an investment purchase to rent then there are a few things you need to have sorted before you can go ahead.

Ensuring the property is in a liveable condition.

This is particularly true if you have purchased a great deal that needs some work however all homes, no matter their condition, should be given some consideration to make sure they are suitable for tenants to reside in.

The first place you can consider is the garden, if there is one, and the front entry

Being the first parts of the home to be seen by prospective tenants you will want these looking their best. Setting an example of how you would like your gardens tended to is a good idea.

From the front entry work your way into the home

Fresh coats of paint and clean or new light fittings do wonderful things to the overall feel of the home as does new carpet and maybe even a kitchen or bathroom makeover if they are in need.

If your property is well presented and you continue to maintain a certain standard then your tenants will be happy and more likely to stay and do the right thing. To really free yourself of the stress of arranging appropriate maintenance of your rental property and finding reliable tenants it’s highly recommended to enlist the services of reputable rental property management. Highly experienced in the field of rentals, your property manager will be able to oversee such items as garden maintenance and repairs required.

Obtaining quality tenants

When it comes time to screen a suitable tenant your property manager will have everything covered and check all references from tenant applications. You can then relax as they have all appropriate paperwork signed and copies handed to yourself and other required parties. Rent will be collected on your behalf and inspections will be carried out to check that everything in your investment is as it should be and being taken care of.

Hiring a professional to take advantage of their property management services means you can enjoy a relatively stress free extra income whilst you relax knowing your property is in good hands. If you want your investment to work for you without you working too hard on it, contact your local property management team today and sign on for outstanding service.

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