Preparing To Rent Your Home

Preparing your home to rent is not that different from buying a handyman’s dream, doing some cosmetic work to it, and renting it out.

Everything still applies. If you want to attract a quality tenant you need to present a quality property. A big spring clean is definitely in order.

If it needs a lick of paint, lick it. If it needs a nail, hammer it; if it’s looking dull polish it; if it’s looking tired consider replacing it and if it’s getting long, cut it.

You may even want to consider if there are any improvements you can do that will add value to the property’s return.

Presentable Attracts Presence

Just to break it down a little further for you, E-Property Rentals are offering this list as a guide only, regarding the improvements you could make to your home to make it as attractive as possible to attract the best tenant.

· Paint anything that needs painting in the house both interior and exterior.

· Repair rusty or broken hinges or slats on doors, fences and gates.

· Ensure your paths and gardens are neat, trimmed and easily manageable.

· Ensure all appliances such as the dishwasher, air conditioner or oven are in a working order.

· Clean out the gutters of the home and outbuildings.

· Consider installing fencing, paths, step or balustrades.

· Ensure there is enough safe car parking.

· A very detailed clean of the property

· Clean the Carpets and all Floors.

A Good Tenant Makes a Happy Landlord

It is expected that a tenant will maintain the home and property in a similar condition to what it was at the time of occupation. The rent will be paid on time and all maintenance issues reported immediately.

A tenant of this calibre is much desired by all property owners. Many mutually satisfying agreements have been achieved in conditions such as these.

Impartiality is Essential

E-Property Rentals are able to manoeuvre the waters that lie between the property owner and tenant and keep these waters placid and still.

An impartial third party can be a great assistance in emotive situations that can appear on the horizon of any happy tenancy agreement.

Having the steadying hand of someone who can not only act as a third party but who knows the laws and by-laws of the industry well is always the best way to do business—even between friends.