The Rental Market Is Up!

It takes a little while for statistical information obtained by way of a census or other means to be filtered and subsequently released to the public for perusal. Recently, statistics have shown the growing trend in Queensland towards renting a property as opposed to buying one. In 1994, 40.5% of the property market was represented […]

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Rent Arrears

Rent Arrears in Brisbane can be a scary scenario especially if you self manage your property. If you dont follow the correct procedure it can be very difficult experice chasing the tenants for the money that they owe. Below is the procedure that E Property Rentals (Brisbane property management specialist) use: When tenants are in […]

Purpose of a Property Manager

Buying, selling or renting out properties are all related to making investments. People who make such investments are looking for high rates of returns from these properties, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Property investments involve a number of tasks that need to be performed when purchasing a property, selling it, renting it out and maintaining […]

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Avoid The Empty House Terrors

For some properties, it may take us a little more time than others to find that perfect tenant or, for that perfect tenant to actually take up residency. Perhaps you are doing some renovations prior to renting the home and it must remain empty for a period of time. In the meantime, it can be […]

Abandoned Premises – What To Do

Financial security is the aim of the owners of investment rental homes, so that when retirement time comes, they will be able to follow the dreams they have planned for that event. The tenants that come and go throughout the duration of the investment can often determine how pleasant the journey towards retirement will be. […]