Handling Emergency Repairs In Rentals

People who regularly rent the homes of others are mostly familiar with all aspects of the process, from finding accommodation, inspecting it, reading and signing the lease, to what obligations they and the landlord have to each other. Sometimes repairs (that are not due to anything the tenants have done) must be carried out by the landlord or his nominated agent, and a time is usually agreed upon between both parties that is suitable for them both. These repairs are carried out or paid for by the landlord to whoever did the job, thus keeping his premises in good shape.

This is all carried out with no fuss because the landlord or his property managers Brisbane are within easy reach, just a phone call away. However Murphy’s Law can sometimes kick in at the worst possible time. What if everything that can go wrong does go wrong, the landlord is away as well as his agent, and the problem comes under an emergency repair? If this happens to you, don’t let panic set in! You have the right to arrange emergency repairs to be taken care of in their absence, making sure the quote does not go above two weeks rental fees, and a choice of how the repair tradesman is paid. It is however important to note, that most agents these days have contingency plans for situations as these, therefore they should always be your first point of contact. At the very least, a voice message should be left for them prior to making any other arrangements.

It is possible that you are aware of the companies used by the landlord or his Brisbane real estate property management to carry out necessary repairs to the premises. If so then arrange for them to do the repairs, then either pay them personally and be reimbursed by the landlord or his agent when they are able to be contacted. Alternatively you can arrange the bill to be sent to the landlord or agent, but if you pay personally you must be reimbursed within seven days, and you must provide the landlord with an invoice and receipt for the work done, and an explanation of why this was needed.

Some of the problems that come under the emergency umbrella are burst water pipes, severe leakage problems with the water service, a roof that is leaking badly and can cause further damage to the premises, toilets that are blocked, and the more serious problems with electricity and gas leaks. Of course if the home is severely damaged in a storm by wind or lightning strike, fire or otherwise, the landlord must be found as insurance assessors must see the damage to ascertain what amount can be paid out to him. Hopefully you won’t ever experience any of these things but if you do then you will at least have an idea of what to do.