Helping YOU Choose the Right Agent

Choosing the right agent can feel like a daunting process. You need to find an agent who you can trust, who is experienced and up to date with the ever changing legislation. More importantly, the right agent will be there guiding you all the way through the tenancy. When almost every agency claims to be the one for the job, just how do you make the right decision?

We believe making the right decision starts with knowing the right questions to ask. So whether you are new to property investing or an old hand at it, here are some common complaints we hear from clients who’ve had bad experiences with other agencies and the questions you need to ask in order to avoid them.


Staff turnover. The irritation of never knowing who you’ll be dealing with next time you contact your agency. Staff turnover and property management seem to go hand in hand. Let’s face it, it’s an industry with its fair share of disputes to mediate and, as a property manager, you either love the challenge this brings or you don’t last. At e Property Rentals, we ensure our staff have the control and flexibility to balance work and home life made possible by our highly mobile, yet secure ‘cloud-based’ systems and greatly reduces work-related burnout. With e Property Rentals, there is a high probability that you will have the same point of contact from the start of your property investment journey right through to the finish.  What strategies does the company you are interviewing have in place to ensure happy, long-term staff?

I’m just another number in the system. Traditionally, property managers will on average manage somewhere between 100 and 200 properties each, and this means they have somewhere between 200 and 400 relationships to build! That’s a handful for anyone and that’s also assuming there is just a sole owner and single tenant for each property. As directors of e Property Rentals, we’ve worked in these types of agencies in the past and vowed never to let this happen in ours. Our staff will never manage more than 100 properties, ensuring they are not overworked and have the time to build strong relationships with property owners and tenants alike. How many properties will your new agent be managing or expect to manage in the future?

There is lack of communication between staff. It’s annoying at best and can be costly at worst if information isn’t being successfully communicated between staff. Here at e Property Rentals you won’t find that issue because you’ll have a single point of contact throughout the tenancy. You will have a direct mobile number and email contact, and this puts an end to you leaving messages with reception often never to get a returned call. Having a sole point of contact also ensures accountability and pride in service provided to you.  Will you be given direct lines of contact with your new agent?

I felt like my property manager didn’t really care. We hear this often from new clients and we believe this stems directly from how companies remunerate their staff. If you put someone under the pressure of maintaining a huge number of relationships and then pay them a set wage no matter what job they do, they will eventually burn out and the passion in even the most dedicated property manager will be eroded. At e Property Rentals, we have worked hard to align the interests of the owner and the property manager, whereby our staff are remunerated based on the returns they achieve for their clients.  If a new management or a rental increase is secured, their income grows. If they lose a client or sit on a vacant property which is generating no income, their income goes down. This system is very motivating and rewarding for our staff who control their own pay increases whilst ensuring they are 100% focused on the maximum return for your investment. What steps have been put in place to ensure the focus is on maximising financial returns for you, and not the for the agency principal?

I’m sick of finding the bad tenants! Many traditional agencies will have a leasing officer whose job it will be to show properties and then process applications, and their job performance is often assessed on the number of applications processed and tenants approved. When this is the case, they have no dealings with the applicants post-application approval and suffer no adverse consequences of approving “bad tenants”. This is a recipe for disaster… Will the person who manages the tenancy be the one background-checking applications?

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