How To Deal With Emergency Repairs

eProperty Rentals advise our select portfolio of clients that keeping their properties in a well-maintained condition is good business sense. If you keep your investment well maintained, its growth value is assured. So is the happiness of your tenant. A happy tenant looks after your property better than an unhappy one.

Not only that, your maintenance and repair fees are tax deductable. You can see how spending a bit of maintenance money can result in a win-win situation. The bottom line is that we cannot predict some situations. An emergency can arise at the most inopportune moment. In some circumstances rendering a property’s inhabitants homeless.

What to do In Unforeseen Circumstances

Usually, if a large appliance is going to break down there will be evidence of a slow deterioration. Every now and then something out of the box will arise, creating an emergency situation.

To quote the residential tenancies authority (rta), an emergency is if one of the following should occur:-

Emergency repairs are repairs for:

  • a burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • a blocked or broken lavatory service
  • a serious roof leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm, fire or impact damage
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the property
  • a failure or breakdown of an essential service or hot water, cooking or heating appliance
  • a fault or damage that makes the property unsafe or insecure
  • a fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconvenience a resident of the property
  • a serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area or premises that unduly inconveniences a resident in gaining access to, or using, the property

All other repairs are considered to be routine repairs.

Available 24/7

As a small family run boutique business we offer service that is second to none.

Rest assured we are on the job 24/7 and can be contacted on our emergency number should one of these unfortunate events occur in a property we manage.

In the unlikely event that a tenant cannot contact us, our emergency contractors are listed on our website. Please see here Tenant Resources | e Property Rentals.

We have personally selected and qualified an experienced team of tradesmen who are only a call away, should you require any assistance. These include an electrician, plumber and locksmith.

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Protecting Yourself Against Damage Claims

We are often asked how we deal with damage that may exist in a home prior to a tenant moving in. There could be many reasons that damage may exist in a situation like this. Let’s face it, even when you move into a home you have purchased there could be damage that requires attention.

Sometimes it may be that the damage was unable to be repaired during the transition period between old and new occupants. It could be an outstanding issue that cannot be repaired. Perhaps the property owner has elected to wait for it to be repaired due to lack of funds, urgency or tax liabilities, amongst others.

E-Property Rentals have created a fool proof system to ensure that when you move into one of our managed properties, all parties agree on its condition at that time.

Entry Condition Report

Conducting an Entry Condition Report prior to a tenant taking up residence is a mandatory action required by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA).

This report asks for the condition of each room, plumbing, electrical outlets, carpets and other floor coverings, window treatments, air conditioning units and other inclusions of the property and therefore the tenancy agreement.

We are very thorough in this report. Details of every room and its appointments are clearly recorded. Included in this report is full photographic information to support and back up any future claims – by both parties.

This means that a property owner cannot blame or claim prior damage made to a property. Likewise, a tenant cannot blame damage they have made to a previous occupant.

This report is agreed upon by us as the property owner’s agent and you as the new occupant or tenant.

Follow Up

Should you be in a position where you find you are moving into a property that has some damage it may be that this work is scheduled. In this situation we will advise you of what is to be done, as well as a timeframe that you could expect this to be completed.

As part of the tenancy agreement, a suitable amount of notice will be supplied to you as to when you may expect a tradesman’s entry of the property may be required.

Once completed we will make a notation of this work on the file. Our regular quarterly inspections will then resume as normal and will reflect the current conditions, damage, or maintenance that may be required during your habitation.

Clean Carpets Make Homes Healthier

Has it ever been your misfortune to visit someone you haven’t been able to put off, and then have to sit out the visit in a couch covered in pet hair and try to breathe through the doggy smell of the carpet. Ugh! Homes where dogs, especially large dogs are allowed indoors and up on the furniture and on the carpet can be enough to send people running never to return, that is if they have been remiss in good cleaning practices. If you don’t want your social life to turn out like this then make sure you take good care of your carpets and upholstery regularly.

If you are renting a home through property management Brisbane, it is your responsibility to maintain any carpet in the premises, keeping it clean, free of stains and pests, and in good condition. Children who are allowed to do as they please can cause a lot of damage to expensive flooring, with glue, paint and texture pens being the most common cause of stains and costly repairs. Between kids and pets, and adults who don’t wipe feet before coming into the home, it is sometimes an uphill job trying to keep up.

Where this situation exists and the tenant has no knowledge of carpet maintenance outside of the vacuum cleaner, they can ask property management in Ipswich to arrange a professional job to be done (with the tenants agreeing to pay for the service themselves) at the end of their tenancy. If carpet care has been a regular chore during the tenancy they will require less professional maintenance. During a long term leasing agreement, it pays to have a professional clean done on a regular basis. Professional carpet cleaners have the experience needed to determine the type of carpet fabric they are dealing with and also know which method to use to clean it. They not only vacuum and shampoo the carpet but leave it dry to walk on, and where odour control is needed they will take care of that too.

Carpet is a big expense whether in private or rental homes and is added to the home to enhance your comfort, especially in the cooler months. This being the case it would be nice to show your appreciation by taking good care of it and keeping it in top condition. You also gain the benefits of better health for the family.

Carpet Mould And Health Issues

There are supposedly only two certainties in life according to some, and they are death and taxes, but this saying was put into circulation before the onset of global warming and the extreme weather conditions that have accompanied it. Now we can add the third certainty to the previous two, and that is the certainty of changing weather patterns, and their growing severity. It seems no matter how good our meteorological centres are, they are also growing bewildered by unexpected events popping out of the blue without warning. Recent calamities globally have caused unrest in populations affected by them causing fear and apprehension of what will happen next.

Numerous fierce tornadoes of huge dimensions have completely demolished towns across several states in America, leaving behind death and injury on a large scale as well as stories of amazingly incredible escapes. Mudslides in South America caused by severe flooding due to extreme wet conditions have taken the lives of families who could not escape the speed of the catastrophe. In some parts of the world heatwaves and snowstorms are becoming commonplace while in others bushfires rage out of control. Where extremely wet conditions are happening it is causing problems for landlords and property management in Brisbane.

During the floods where so many homes were inundated mud and pollutants were washed into the homes necessitating the removal and dumping of fixtures and internal walls. Thorough cleaning processes had to be carried out before walls could be rebuilt and new fixtures could be installed, to prevent health problems occurring. Property management in Ipswich had their hands full tending to these issues, ensuring they were all carried out as quickly as possible. Carpets were a major problem as they had been wet for so long and mould had invaded the fibres presenting health issues that needed resolving. Black mould thrives on dampness and can still grow even after things dry out. Wet areas in the home such as kitchen sink surrounds, bathrooms, laundries and basements where they are present, should have special attention paid to them regularly even in normal weather conditions.

People in rental homes would be wise to have carpets cleaned by professional people to ensure the carpet is dried quickly in order to prevent the growth of mould. Spores can be inahled by people and grow quickly in the respiratory system, causing death by asphyxiation. Mould is not only just unsightly, but it is also responsible for causing offensive odours and ill health. Mould needs to be attended to the minute it is seen to prevent it spreading and becoming a major problem.

Handling Emergency Repairs In Rentals

People who regularly rent the homes of others are mostly familiar with all aspects of the process, from finding accommodation, inspecting it, reading and signing the lease, to what obligations they and the landlord have to each other. Sometimes repairs (that are not due to anything the tenants have done) must be carried out by the landlord or his nominated agent, and a time is usually agreed upon between both parties that is suitable for them both. These repairs are carried out or paid for by the landlord to whoever did the job, thus keeping his premises in good shape.

This is all carried out with no fuss because the landlord or his property managers Brisbane are within easy reach, just a phone call away. However Murphy’s Law can sometimes kick in at the worst possible time. What if everything that can go wrong does go wrong, the landlord is away as well as his agent, and the problem comes under an emergency repair? If this happens to you, don’t let panic set in! You have the right to arrange emergency repairs to be taken care of in their absence, making sure the quote does not go above two weeks rental fees, and a choice of how the repair tradesman is paid. It is however important to note, that most agents these days have contingency plans for situations as these, therefore they should always be your first point of contact. At the very least, a voice message should be left for them prior to making any other arrangements.

It is possible that you are aware of the companies used by the landlord or his Brisbane real estate property management to carry out necessary repairs to the premises. If so then arrange for them to do the repairs, then either pay them personally and be reimbursed by the landlord or his agent when they are able to be contacted. Alternatively you can arrange the bill to be sent to the landlord or agent, but if you pay personally you must be reimbursed within seven days, and you must provide the landlord with an invoice and receipt for the work done, and an explanation of why this was needed.

Some of the problems that come under the emergency umbrella are burst water pipes, severe leakage problems with the water service, a roof that is leaking badly and can cause further damage to the premises, toilets that are blocked, and the more serious problems with electricity and gas leaks. Of course if the home is severely damaged in a storm by wind or lightning strike, fire or otherwise, the landlord must be found as insurance assessors must see the damage to ascertain what amount can be paid out to him. Hopefully you won’t ever experience any of these things but if you do then you will at least have an idea of what to do.

Swimming Pool a must in Sunny Brisbane

As Queensland’s population swells with the influx of southerners moving to a warmer climate so does the demand for quality rental property. Queensland’s moderate weather attracts and satisfies many with her warm sunshine filled days and balmy nights.

This type of weather is conducive to swimming. For most people who live in this sunny state, a backyard swimming pool is a given and often demanded in a rental property.

Proper Care and Maintenance of a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool needs general day to day maintenance to ensure it continues to sparkle and provide sanitary bathing for its users.

Maintenance and care entails regular vacuuming of the pool and cleaning of its skimmer box and filter. The removal of any algae that may grow during times of low use such as during winter may also be necessary. Whether it is a chlorinated or salt water pool, regular treatment will be necessary.

Be clear what is expected in a Tenancy Agreement

The professional team at Eproperty Rentals are able to guide both property owners and their tenants to a successful agreement.

In a property management situation both property owners and their tenants have a role to play in the proper care and maintenance of a swimming pool. It is imperative that both property owner and tenant understand their responsibilities prior to signing a legal and binding Tenancy Agreement.

Prior to a tenant taking possession of a property the Landlord must ensure the pool is clean and chemically balanced. A chemical reading of the water can be obtained from a local pool shop to provide proof of this. Details of the condition of the pool itself and its chemical readings will be recorded on the Entry Condition Report, which is signed by both parties prior to a tenant moving in.

A property owner must provide the equipment necessary for the day to day maintenance of the swimming pool. This would include such items as a vacuum, hoses, brushes and scoops.

Unless agreement is made by some other way such as the inclusion of a third party maintaining the swimming pool, it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure the general maintenance and day to day care of the pool is upheld.

It is also the tenants’ responsibility to supply and pay for any chemicals necessary to maintain the pool’s optimum condition.

As previously mentioned, some agreements include the maintenance of the swimming pool. This guarantees that the pool is well cared for and releases pressure from property owner and tenant.

Should the tenant choose to enter into a third party maintenance agreement once possession of the property is taken, a landlord cannot control or demand who may maintain the pool.

When considering renting a property, especially a property with a pool, as its property maintenance is so essential, it is vital to employ a reliable responsible property manager. Let Eproperty Rentals take the worry out of the situation and look after all your rental needs.

Visit them now at

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It can be difficult for some to make their home a comfortable and welcoming space with everything matching.

If you are living in a rental property this issue can increase tenfold as you will be required to live within the colour choices of another.

Most landlords will offer a neutral palate for you to start from but others may have left their own personal stamp behind.

So how do you make your furniture match the colour of the walls, floor coverings, or bench tops?

As property management experts, E-Property Rentals go into a lot of homes with people who are living with just this experience and we wanted to let you know that you can make any place look like your own with the careful choices of cushions, rugs, and ornaments.

The Colour Palette

We have all heard the terms ‘warm colours’ and ‘cool colours’. These colours will decide what it is you wish to convey in a room.

Warm colours such as yellow, orange, and red are reported to encourage a feeling of warmth. They are also great to use in large rooms as they will bring the room in and create a more intimate feeling.

Cool colours such as blue, light grey, and green obviously create a feeling of coolness and calmness; they will also make a smaller room appear large as cool colours tend to recede.

Colour Rules

The good news is that there are really no rules when it comes to colour.

Whilst it is true that certain groupings of colour may go together better than others, there is no rule to say that you cannot blend warm colours with cool colours.

For instance, if you are living in a home with a lovely warm chocolate wall you can lighten it and add coolness by blending it with some lovely cool green or even teal cushions, rugs, curtains or well-placed ornaments.

Cool green walls or curtains can be spiced up with red or orange throws or colourful artwork.

Working with What You Get

Whilst it is not encouraged to put holes in the walls of a rental home you will usually find that the owner has left behind or strategically placed many hooks for your use.

There is also a great range of hooks on the market that do not require a hole in the wall but rather attach to a surface by way of a clever removable tape that will not cause damage to walls and surfaces.