Purpose of a Property Manager

Buying, selling or renting out properties are all related to making investments.

People who make such investments are looking for high rates of returns from these properties, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Property investments involve a number of tasks that need to be performed when purchasing a property, selling it, renting it out and maintaining it. Most investors either do not have the time or expertise to handle property management in Brisbane and therefore, they seek help from individual property managers or a team of professionals. The rate charged by the property manager depends on the complexity of tasks, the size and value of the property.

Property management involves investing in real estate and then entrusting that with the property manager. Property managers provide services to both the property owners as well as tenants. They are appointed by residential as well commercial and industrial owners.

Property managers are mainly involved in the following activities:

  • Finance management – Every property owner is looking for higher returns on their investment. The property manager works closely with the client to prepare budgets, make estimates of costs and maintenance of the property, and arrange for high rental returns
  • Handle legal formalities – there are various legal requirements such as preparation of lease agreements and compliance with the property laws. Payments are to be made of taxes and bills. All this is handled by the property managers on behalf of their clients. They should also be well aware of and advise the owners of any changes in the real estate laws.
  • Management of tenants – This includes finding suitable tenants, collecting rents and dealing with various tenant issues.
  • Managing maintenance of the property – It is part of the duty of a property manager to look after the building and get all kinds of plumbing, electricity and wear and tear issues. They also have to deal with home repairs and home improvements, sanitation of exteriors and garden maintenance.

All activities that a property manager involves revolve around minimizing costs and maximizing returns.

Most property managers are operating with a license and can trusted with all property issues. Some, however, may not be acting in the best interest of their clients. It is a good idea to carry out some research regarding the value of your property and keep an eye on the rental market. Also, you should ask for property appraisal reports from the property manager and make assessments about the efficiency of the property managers.

Many people invest in properties with the objective of making high profits.

Property management is a tough and time consuming task. Property managers Brisbane ensure that the properties of their clients are well taken care of and are able to earn high returns.

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Property Managers Mean Stress Free Investments

What is the secret to building wealth through investments while still working in a career that you don’t want to leave, being able to manage it all stress free and maintaining a happy life? Well if you don’t know the answer to that question, you should make an effort to find out before you take on a property investment. Investments can be quite tricky if handled wrongly, and can end up being a disaster instead of a spectacular success.

There are a few beneficial steps to take if you want to be a winner with your property investment

One is to the get your investment property fully covered with Landlord Insurance, which will save you from financial loss during a natural disaster, or property damage by tenants. Also you will need a certified accountant who will give you the best advice as to the right investment term to suit your needs, and will ensure you receive all the tax advantages through depreciation yearly. These primary steps will set you up ready to go, but to forge ahead successfully you should seek out a firm of Brisbane property managers.

Advantages of hiring a property manager for your Brisbane rental property

Laws concerning property investments change as years pass, with clauses added to protect the tenant and the landlord, and setting out obligations of both parties. If you are not aware of them you will need to learn and update them as they change. Your property manager is fully aware of current legislation and they keep up to date with all changes as they happen, so you can see how advantageous it would be for you to engage one to care for your rental investment property.

This is only a small part of their expertise and service, as from A to Z your investment will leap from beginning to end with bounding success while they manage your Brisbane real estate.

For starters, you will not even have to advertise your rental, find and screen the tenants, or collect the rental fees. They do this all for you, saving you time, energy and stress. Your property will be inspected on a regular basis, ensuring it is being kept clean and well maintained, and also that no damage has occurred. If you have tenants that end up in default with rental fees, this is handled by the property manager. Also where the property has been abandoned without notice, this is another area he will handle for you. Tradesmen for needed repairs will be arranged by him on your behalf, allowing you to get on with your daily schedule. If you want to be one of the winners, make sure you list with one as soon as you secure your investment rental property.


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Property Managers you can Rely On

Investment property owners like to know that their rentals are being run well so that they are generating the income they are intended to. This usually has them seeking out the services of reliable property managers.

However, not just any property manager will do as it is a role that requires outstanding skills in multi-tasking and the ability to accept any challenges that come their way on a day to day basis. This is a role that the professionals at E Property Rentals can competently fulfill for investment owners who only want to deal with the best.

The Role of a Property Manager in Brisbane

The role of a property manager is varied and needs to be filled by someone with a professional and positive outlook and who is adept at problem solving and also proactive. Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of the property manager to ensure a rental property is run smoothly.

At the start of the process, it is the job of the property manager to advertise the rental and then screen all applicants. Once one has been approved there is much paper work to be done. Forms need to be completed and sent to the appropriate tenant authority; the bond needs to be collected and a new property profile must to be overseen.

The property manager for each individual property also needs to oversee the other employees related to the property to ensure their part is taken care of and completed. This can be those who are employed to carry out maintenance or repairs

A property manager acts as a liaison between the tenants and the investment property owners; if any problems should arise for either party, the property manager needs to address this in a timely manner with an agreeable outcome for all involved.

In addition, a property manager carries out property inspections to see that all is as it should be, ensuring rent is paid and reconciling all accounts related to the property. These and many more tasks are all that need to be carried out or overseen by a property manager. It is quite an important role that needs to be conducted with precision and expertise at all times.

E Property Rentals offer the very best service that an investment property owner deserves and should expect. Their years of experience in the field of rentals, combined with the knowledge and professionalism of each team member means you will never be disappointed with your choice to engage their business.

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Experience and Longevity A Must

Gone are the days when the local real estate agent handled the management of rental property.

Whilst we are sure all care was taken in the appropriate manner of receiving rent monies, the rental market has gone way beyond just these simple tasks.

At E-Property Rentals we know and understand this market very well as this is our core business.

We do not sell real estate with a side of property management. We have absolutely no conflict of interest.

This means absolutely tons of knowledge and experience in the rental market. We want to share with you the services you should be demanding of your management team.

The Importance of Experience

Having someone in your corner, who has been in the business for a while is a must. Longevity equals success in this industry. If you have not been around for long or the staff turnover is high, it’s a good bet you need to keep looking for the right team. A winning team understands the demographics of the area very well and will keep the vacancy rates down.

Marketing is Key

A savvy operator will possess a good formula to promote your property. Everything from good photographs all the way through to employing the use of a solid data base and marketing in the correct places. Conducting the right form of inspection that is appropriate for the property and its owner is essential. This may vary from open home inspection to appointment-only listings.

Good Advice

When we inspect a home, we cast a potential tenant’s eye over the premises and pick the high points and the not so high points. We are able to make suggestions to improve a property’s appeal and increase its rental potential.

These suggestions may range from adding a dishwasher, a fence, ceiling fans or new carpets. It may be that just a quick wash and polish is all that is needed. Whatever it is you will hear it in direct terms from us.

The Selection Criteria

Our potential tenants are thoroughly vetted prior to the offering or acceptance of a tenancy agreement.

It is important that the right tenant is selected for each property to ensure a minimum of fuss is received and a maximum of return is gained.

Keep It Clean and Well Maintained

As your appointed agent, we understand you rely on us to obtain up to date information regarding the condition of your investment.

We conduct regular, detailed inspections and report on issues that need attention to ensure we do not end up with bigger more expensive repairs further down the track.

Likewise, the tenant is informed if there are issues they should be attending to.